Four Ways to Customize Your San Antonio Inground Pool

San Antonio, TX is no stranger to the dry, sweltering heat of the southern United States. Temperatures can stay warm enough for swimming well into the winter months. Many homeowners decide to install or update existing pools so friends and family can beat the heat throughout the year.

Custom features can give pools a touch of personal style and installing new equipment can add technology and convenience.

Pool Covers

The dry Texas heat breeds the perfect atmospheric conditions for rapid evaporation. Installing pool covers—such as a solar and auto-covers—can help control water and chemical evaporation, saving you money on energy bills and products.

Solar covers are eco-friendly; they use the sun’s natural energy and trap in existing heat to keep pools warm for year-round usage. Auto-covers can cover pools with the touch of a button, allowing for fast and easy security and quick coverage for impromptu exits.

Installing a cover will allow you to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying and relaxing in your pool. Anthony & Sylvan offers a variety of pool covers for San Antonio residents.

Custom Mosaics

Many people simply think of pool shapes when considering how to create a unique pool. Mosaic inlays and decorative tiles allow you to put your own artistic touch on your pool. Anthony & Sylvan offers a variety of designer tiles and handcrafted mosaics that can adorn the walls and floor of your pool.

Personalize your pool with your initials or family crest, or create a whimsical setting by adding turtles and fish. Our pool professionals can work with you to create a mosaic design that will complement and flow with the rest of your pool.


Your pool serves as a destination for fun, relaxation, and enjoyment. Adding features like waterfalls enhance a pool’s oasis-like appeal during San Antonio’s hot summers. A waterfall’s natural sound effects also create a soothing ambience year-round. Sheer descent waterfalls are sheet-like curtains of water that fall over a pool’s edge and back into water. Rock waterfalls allow for an organic looking flow of water that can be adjusted in strength, from a slight trickle to a powerful stream.

Jets and Fountains

Jets can shoot water vertically up to 8 feet high, or as arcs of water that glide over pool water. They add a layer of excitement and can also be combined with lights to create spectacular shows for guests.

Water fountains are a great option if you would like to create a focal point in your backyard, or for a centerpiece in your pool. They can be designed to suit any client’s style – from geometrical to animals like dolphins and fish, or as classic, formal pieces of art.

Customize Your Pool Today

Anthony & Sylvan has six convenient Texas locations, including our San Antonio office. The experts at Anthony & Sylvan know the south Texas terrain and are skilled in designing and installing pools that complement it.

Texas is one-of-a-kind in size and style, so your in-ground pool should be, too. To schedule a consultation call 1-877-729-7946 or fill out an online contact form.