Update Your San Antonio Swimming Pool with Eco-Friendly Additions

Anthony & Sylvan Pools in San Antonio, Texas, cares about the health of your family, your yard, and the environment. Therefore, we strive to offer the most eco-friendly and efficient custom inground pool options available for you to protect the health of your family, your wallet and the planet we all share.

From advanced filtration systems to lighting and more, Anthony & Sylvan Pools in San Antonio stocks the latest developments in green pool equipment designed to reduce chemical use, lower your utility bills and protect the health and well-being of the people you care about.

Energy Efficient Pumps and Motors

Reducing the amount of energy required to run your pool pump makes a huge difference in your carbon footprint, and helps lower your utility bills. We offer two pumps that have been designed to use the least amount of energy while still achieving amazing results.

The E-Pump and the VS FloPro both feature 8 variable speeds and a high efficiency motor. They are quiet to run and can be controlled using their own proprietary controller that includes a 2-speed timer and LCD display. You also have the option of using other controller such as Jandy’s AquaLink OneTouch, PDA or the new iAqualink.

LED Lighting Options

Illuminate your pool with the best in safety and design lighting by incorporating Universal ColorLogic Lighting that features a microprocessor and the longest lasting, brightest LEDs available. These lights use up to 86{0bd954d958faa5b60554672f6792b3321ed0f4db89d30a07fafde85dcc651e9d} less energy than incandescent bulbs and are 100{0bd954d958faa5b60554672f6792b3321ed0f4db89d30a07fafde85dcc651e9d} brighter than other colored LED lights, meaning you can illuminate more area with less.

Eco-Sanitation Systems

Reduce your need for pool chemicals by 90{0bd954d958faa5b60554672f6792b3321ed0f4db89d30a07fafde85dcc651e9d} with Anthony & Sylvan’s innovative Zodiac Nature2 Fusion In-ground and Del Ozone Eclipse Ozonator water sanitation combination. This sanitation system is incredibly energy-intelligent and it purifies your water even when the filter pump isn’t running – meaning you achieve a cleaner, safer pool with very little energy required.

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