Optimize Your Backyard Space with a San Antonio Pool

Are you interested in building an inground pool, but aren’t sure if you have space? Our design team at Anthony & Sylvan Pools in San Antonio can help you create the cool pool you’ve been wishing for.

Our experienced pool builders can create a custom pool to fit the space you have, whether it’s in your backyard or side yard, or both. See the different pool shapes that are available from our San Antonio pool design center below.

Types of Pool Shapes for Your Backyard

When building a pool, there are three typical designs that are used. Our San Antonio pool builders can design geometric, freeform, and completely custom designs. Our Design Consultants can help you choose your design and build the perfect pool for any size backyard in San Antonio.

Geometric Inground Pools

For clients wanting a contemporary pool design, geometric shaped pools are very popular. They have clean lines and straight edges for a simple yet luxurious look. The classic designs create an elegant feature for your backyard.

Some water features that are often seen with the geometric pools are vanishing edges. The straight sides of a geometric inground pool make the vanishing edge seem more distinct and give the pool an undefined end. Raised spas are also a common water feature that is installed with a geometric pool, giving the entire backyard a layered look.

Freeform Inground Pools

A more natural looking pool usually embraces a freeform design. These pools have flowing lines giving it the look of a natural body of water and can even make your inground pool appear larger. The gentle curves give your backyard landscape the relaxing feel of an outdoor oasis.

Water features that look great with freeform pools include tanning ledges and rock features. Our design consultants can construct a freeform pool in any yard because of its versatile design.

Custom Inground Pools

If you want a completely custom look, Anthony & Sylvan can construct the pool you’ve envisioned. Maybe you’re interested in a mix of straight edges and a curvy silhouette for your new pool, or want your pool to outline a specific shape. Our San Antonio pool builders can work with you to bring your vision to life.

Redefine Your Backyard with an Inground Pool from Our San Antonio Pool Builders

If you are interested in a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate from one of our San Antonio pool builders, fill out our online contact form or speak with our team at 1-877-SAY-SWIM. Our team is ready to help you build the inground pool of your dreams, call today!